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 NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)

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blair johnson

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:37 pm

Again I just want to state that the facts are the facts. You (whiners) come out with all these reasons that you are not at fault. Always crying you seem to be. Go on the Rage facebook page and there is even more whining. Saying that the only reason you lost to the preds was because the refs flagged you too much. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it was because you only completed 2 passes. The refs were at fault for that also. Lady you need to quit drinking their kool aide. Crush players stomping on rage players. I think not. I was right their and nothing like that happened at all. True their was a scuffle involving players. But stomping? Bitch please. Get a life. You have been seen for the classless organization that you are. In fact during the pred game, one of your suspended players for the Crush game were in the stands, and he couldnt even keep his mouth shut. CLASSLESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on but ya know what I am tired and I wanna go to bed. If you want more reasons you guys have proven to be classless, check at a later date. Because lady I have plenty of them!
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PostSubject: NEFL fell down on their job and the fans   Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:18 pm

First off I would like to say that Mike Williams is a Stand up coach and man and I think he did a great job with the Lake Superior Rage Team and that he did not stand by and let others trash his team . Good for you coach.
Second its funny how the Rage got all the blame for the fight when the only tape is one that was from a baseball field so you cant see the whole story of what happened i was at the game and know that yes the rage players were on the crushes sideline during the fight but thats because the crush started the fight on their sideline i believe it was their intent from the start of the play. Was the rage player wrong for using his helmet as a weapon yes but i seen 4 or 5 crush players kicking a rage player who was down and could not defend himself with their cleats they to are weapons if you ask me. And if the Refs had been doing their job and gotten the matter under control when it first started i dont think any rage players would of been on the crushes side line.
Talking about the refs if this had been an nfl game or college refs the would be being investigated for points fixing telling the rage to stop scoring. That if they continued they would keep flagging them I would like to know what if anything was done to the refs.
It seems funny that the only team who was put in bad standings was the Rage when the crush had other problems with other teams yes i know that was in preseason and doesnt count well you would think that the nefl would at least take that into thought when making their decision.
I could go on for ever but I know this is falling on deaf ears because the nefl and the owners dont care whats right or fair they got what they wanted and that was to bash a good team.
To all the Lake Superior Rage players you are a great group of guys and yes you got cheated.
I have been a fan of the nefl for 5 years and I dont think i will be to another game because i truly believe the nefl is broken and its sad to say the least but I dont think they want to fix the league.
I know a lot of you are saying if you feel like this then why didnt you speak up sooner the reason being I was asked not to but now that the Rage cant be hurt for what I say here it is and if any of the nefl league reps. wants to talk to me im open to it. And im going to sign this with my name because I stand behind everything I have said.
Joyce Cairns

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:48 am

As for what I am lead to believe, is that there is only one film of the actual brawl. That film is the one that weau took while filming the legion tournament. As far as I know the board was giving that. As for the teams in question. neither the crush nor the Rage have claimed to have any footage of it. Which I believe. It is common practice to stop recording at the end of the play. Why they would not turn it back on. Who knows. Now to your other point. By stating that Coach Hoversholm Punched an opposing player without any proof could be as you say Slander. Let's say a film arrises of the whole melee and coach Hoversholm is not shown at any time punching a Rage player, Would you wanna be owner of the Rage? That is all I am saying. He is obviously sour to the fact that the Rage received a more stern punishment than what the Crush received. So in rebuttal he is stating rumors making them look as if they are facts. We could argue all day about what the board has done , but it will do no good. I am sure they have their reasons. Remember it is not one person, every team is represented. They viewed the footage, discussed what occurred and made a decision. simple as that. Let me ask you this? Should a player that uses his helmet as a weapon not be suspended for life? Same with a player who throws a punch at a coach? As for the exteme nature of putting them in bad standing, Lets look at what we saw. We saw a Rage team that crossed the field (40 yards) to get into a brawl. We saw a Rage coaching staff that was basically absent in trying to break it up. Now what else could have happened? How did they react to refs? How about the board? How about the coach that stated in the newspaper that he wanted to see the film. What? You were there! Anyways, the board came to its decision, They are gonna have to live with it or find another league to play in.

Just a fan!
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 10:05 pm

Things have obviously gotten out of hand at a few other games this season. As a previous psoter suggested, the Board should have dealt with those incidents individually instead of all of a sudden saying "enough is enough" and having it all come down on the Rage. That is total bs on the part of the Board. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Time Will Tell   Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:30 pm

Just let me start by saying that there were no innocent parties on the field that day. Rage team Crush team the Officials all took part in what happened out on the field, and for the media to be short sided on the part of the Crush and not waiting to see that all the film/s were in and looked at, they did the same thing as what the NEFL did to the Rage, and that was to put that team in Bad Standing with the league and in the public eye. Both teams need to be accountable and be equally sanctioned by the NEFL,. Both teams left their benches (side lines don't matter) and rushed the field, both teams were fighting (no matter who threw the first punch). Facts are Facts as you put it and videos don't lie but they can be altered and spliced to show one sided results.
I am not saying this is the case but I do know that there were more than just one video cam being used at the field and that a lot of people have not come forward with what they caught on film (or disc). I also know that there were scouts from other teams video taping the game, I would hope that at least they would come forward with their film/s to either defend or dispute either team.
As for what the Head Coach of the Rage had to say none of it was Slander nor was it Libel, and before you say that it is or was libel or slander you need to hone up on your legal understanding of both libel and slander. When stating a "Fact" as you did a number of times and then is found to be untrue that could be Libel, to broad cast, put into print or telling your friend that everything that happened on the field that day was the fault of the Rage and no part of the Crush, could be Slander. To place one team in Bad Standing ( not both) before all avenues have been investigated and reviewed by an impartial board and not that of the NEFL board, could be taken as being bias as well as conflict of interest (being the board is made up of team owners and coaches).

Time Will Tell>>

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:22 pm

I'm sorry I got the # wrong. It was #70 on the crush that threw the punch not #60. Also as I have re read the posts, I realized that someone was asking about the Rough Rider that was arrested. He was arrested for nothing that occurred on the football field. Yes he was ejected and asked to leave the premises. It is my understanding that he refused and the cops were called. He was then arrested when a check was run for warrants and yes he had outstanding ones. That had nothing to do with football.
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PostSubject: Sorry!!!!!!!   Thu Jul 12, 2012 5:13 pm

I think that you need to watch the film again. At no time did any Crush player use his helmet as a weapon. #15 for the rage with his helmet already off as you can clearly see on the video comes over and hits a player from the crush in the head with it. Then in response to that, # 60 and #10 from the crush take #15 to the ground with #60 throwing a punch. What I question as I watch the video, is where are all the Rage coaches? I can count 5 crush coaches in the video and only 1 Rage coach that looks like he is being told by a crush coach what to do. Go ahead answer that, cause video doesn't lie.

Fact: #15 from Rage uses his helmet as a weapon

Fact: #60 from crush throws a punch.

Fact: #10 from crush tackles Rage player who is using helmet as weapon.

Fact: #21 from Rage and a player from the crush exchange punches by the visitor entrance to field.

Fact# Unknown player from Rage hits coach Hoversholm of the crush

Rumor Coach Hoversholm punches Rage player.

Rumor Crush player uses helmet as a weapon.

You look like you are whining because of the fact that the league convened and decided on the punishments and now you are dead set that the league got it wrong and the Crush are to blame for the fact that you couldn't control your players.Explain to me how everyone has seen the same footage yet you are the only one that is coming up with these rumors. I have read your coaching staffs comments on the Nefl facebook page and they are ridiculous. I love how the fact that you guys go out of your way to state that a "respected police officer" was the one punched. Are you serious? He is a police officer so he must be telling the truth? Get over your self man. You have no legs to stand on there bud.

Now to the Rough Riders game. I was at the rough riders game. It was a pretty evenly contested game. Now, with that being said I was also able to obtain and watch a copy of the film. At no tome was there and illegal block in that game. Was it bad discretion for #44 to use said blocks? Probally. But, they are well within the rules to use them. Also to my knowledge #44 is no longer with the Crush. He is with a different Nefl team. So these are the fact, not rumors.

I would also caution you on spreading these rumors. Unless you have evidence to the contrary you are toeing the line here. Have you ever heard the word Libel or the phrase defamation of character. It seems to me with these words in print as they are, yourself and the Rage could potentially open themselves up to lawsuits. I at the end of the day, am just a pure football fan. There is nothing pure about what happened last weekend or ab out what is being said in these social media sites. I hope that it is stopped soon!!!!!!!!

Thank you,
Just a fan
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PostSubject: Football   Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:26 pm

As a coach in this league and a Proud Coach of the Rage, I refuse to sit idly by and allow the good folks of Eau Claire to continue to slant the truth. An onside kick occurred during a 41-14 game, in which a member of the Rage recovered on the sideline of the Crush. A player for the crush tried to dislodge the ball from the rage player, and then a second crush player came over the top (excessive play) Then a second rage player goes over the top of that player (excessive) Refs are on the scene and should take control there at that point. After the rage player goes over the top of the crush player, members of the crush decide that it was excessive and felt they needed to push the rage player...Still time for the refs to regain control....crush players then tackle the rage player and then more rage players show up to get there guy off of the sideline of the crush. As tempers flare, it is possible that coach Halversholm was found in the middle and was hit, he in turn, hit a rage player and the melee continued. Several crush players come to the aid of one of their own and the crowd has now moved from the 40 yard line of the crush to the 15 yard line, (At this point both teams have left their designated bench areas) crush players have grabbed one member of the rage and have thrown him down 3 on 1, with the rage player regaining his balance, a crush player with his helmet off lunges at the rage player, the rage player then swings his helmet at those aggressors. When another issue takes flight, the crush player whom lunged with his helmet off, is now going at it with a new rage player who has thrown him to the ground for using his helmet first. The rage player is punching at the crush player, and vise verse....Soon after, coaches and refs regain order and talk about the penalties and ejections. What is most alarming to me is that the news only give you (Rage highlights) of the event in question. The Rage play with a swagger, and at times talk too much for my liking. With that said my guys are not these monsters that the media has portrayed them out to be. We played a close game with these guys at our place and could not tackle that day to save our lives, soon after that, Facebook wars started up and then we played this game here. With 8:56 remaining in a contest that was out of hand should not have been marred with the onside kick for starters, the game was played fairly clean and there should not have been an issue. We keep being told to have control of your players like we are the ones starting all of the problems in this league, well we are not, Teams can put hands on refs, threaten refs to have a game be called. The Rage was the opponent in both, and now this game. While another game had 2 fights and more ejections....all of these games had fans/kids there and because of media scrutiny we succumb to those who live in Eau Claire because of concern of how the fight went. Its bad for the league, and even worse for the league to come down on a team that does not get into trouble. There have been several chances for the league to handle each case as they came in, and felt enough was enough and got the Rage. We the Rage do not dispute the conduct displayed on that day, we only request that ALL FACTS be given/viewed prior to making unnecessary announcements to the good folks of Eau Claire. And now this quote, "Hoversholm said representatives from the other 10 teams in the NEFL also voted 8-2 to put the Rage in bad standing. The punishment allows playoff opponents the opportunity to host playoff games against the Rage regardless of seed or standing.

"I'm proud of the league for making a stand," Hoversholm said. "This is a huge step forward."

Hoversholm added that starting tackle Nolan Schenn was not the instigator of Saturday's fight. The starting tackle had been pulled from the game following a first quarter unnecessary roughness penalty. Teams in the league saw the slanted media view, and not the entire play, and fight prior to this vote. Please let's always do things decent and in order by all!
Mike Williams,(Upset) Head Coach of the Rage

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:50 am

The NEFL loves Eau Claire for some reason...............
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:38 pm

WOW!!! Really!!!

Another incident in Eau Claire Carson Park, here is my thinking on the matter. Every team has to provide 5-6 refs to monitor all on the field issues, as well as call the game. Sounds like its was one-sided calling, an the Rage players got sick of the late hits that were occuring, with no penalty.


Now as I read other posts on the NEFL forum, I found that this wasn't the only incident involving the Eau Claire Crush organization.

They had one involving the roughriders involving late hits after the whistle, no flag. Roughriders losing players for the season because of illegal hits, an one going to jail.

Just out of curiousity did anybody get arrested from this melee???

Another issue that strikes my curiousity players from the Rage getting life bans / organization getting punished, what about Eau Claire Crush..

Last I checked there was two teams playing football / two organizations showing their product to Eau Claire's community..
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:26 am

I know that I don't have access to the information the board has but the option of another team hosting a playoff game over the Rage is puzzling. I'm on the other side of the state and have experienced and heard (from others too) over the past 4 years with "incidents" that occur at Carson Park that could have escalated to something more. I hope a further review of Carson Park incidents (based on my experience & others) and any hosting team that has a history of "incidents" are pursued with a more proactive approach. I think the leauge is on the right path by addressing sideline language and wants to clean it all up for a better family atmosphere. So I have to trust that the board ruled in a fair and consistent manner having seen all of the information presented.
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ex fan

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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:53 am

Here is the editorial in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 12:00 am

They say boys will be boys, but the melee during a football game at Carson Park on Saturday involved grown-ups, and it's not behavior that can be tolerated if the Northern Elite Football League wants to keep using our public facility for its games.

A brawl broke out in the fourth quarter after an Eau Claire Crush player reportedly committed a late hit on a Lake Superior Rage opponent. Players wrestled and flailed away at each other, some swinging their helmets at unhelmeted opponents. One Rage player punched Crush coach Fred Hoversolm, according to reports.

The Crush and the Chippewa Valley Predators, another NEFL team that plays its home games at Carson Park, provide entertainment for football fans during the summer. In fact, the two local teams meet at 7 p.m. Friday.

But folks go to the games - some with their children - to watch football and be entertained. The public makes its facility available to the teams because they provide one more thing for people to do that is fun and entertaining. Done right, it enhances our community.

But the community's support isn't unconditional. In exchange, we expect the players to conduct themselves responsibly on the field and the sidelines. We expect good sportsmanship and no profanity. The players and coaches should work with the officials to make sure the games are clean and that those who commit flagrant penalties are dealt with. Resorting to a group fight to settle scores may be some people's idea of fun, but most of us see no reason to support such boorish behavior.

It's up to the league to deal with this particular incident and hand out suspensions as it sees fit. The league needs to make a strong statement that it won't tolerate its games disintegrating into such ugly scenes. If the league can't do that, then the league needs to go away.

Hopefully it won't come to that. League officials, players, coaches and referees need to step back from this episode, remind themselves that in this case bad publicity isn't better than no publicity. They need to adhere to a strict code of conduct in which cheap shots or other gross violations of the rules are handled in an orderly way, not by players meeting on the field swinging helmets and otherwise fighting with each other.

Football is an emotional and highly physical game, but it's up to the players to harness those emotions and keep their actions within the rules.

If what happened at Carson Park the other night had instead happened on Water Street, there would have been mass arrests, criminal charges and court appearances. Everyone involved in the fracas should think about that and make sure nothing like it ever happens again.

- Don Huebscher, editor

The issue: A bench-clearing brawl at Saturday's Eau Claire Crush-Lake Superior Rage game at Carson Park.

Our view: Such behavior, if not corrected, shouldn't be tolerated by the community.
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:25 pm

Obviously both teams were involved here, so maybe each of them needs to be placed on double secret probation, not just the Rage. Otherwise, bring sanctions/bans against the players not the teams. Screwing a team out of home field advantage is a joke.
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:55 pm

There is a good editorial in today's Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. I think it should be mandatory reading for everyone involved with the league. My two cents.
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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:23 pm

What about the Giants chasing the Refs off the field?
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PostSubject: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:43 am



July 10, 2012

NEFL addresses incident in July 7, 2012 game between Lake Superior Rage and Eau Claire Crush

On July 7, 2012, an incident occurred at the Lake Superior Rage-Eau Claire Crush league-sanctioned contest at Carson Park. The incident began when an Eau Claire Crush player was flagged for a late hit (a personal foul penalty) and quickly escalated into a bench-clearing brawl.

The executive board of the Northern Elite Football League, consisting of its president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, took time to review the information stemming from the incident. This included interviews with both teams, reviews of media accounts and descriptions of the game, and video provided by WEAU TV-13 in Eau Claire, WI.

"Given the circumstances of previous games and meetings, [the Northern Elite Football League] needed to gather as much information as possible in order to make a fair decision," said NEFL President Nicole Isaac. "The actions the league took in response to this incident are unprecedented and we needed to make a decision that upheld our league's core belief that the NEFL provides fun, familly-friendly entertainment. I believe the league made huge strides with the decisions handed down tonight, as we understand that the embarrassment caused by this and several other incidents this season needed to stop to ensure the future viability of the league and also the league's standing as a family-friendly organization."

On Monday Night, the executive board recommended the following to the rest of the league in the league's weekly meeting:

-Two of the players involved in the incident will be banned for life from the NEFL. Both players are from the Rage. One player punched an opposing coach and another struck an opposing player with his helmet.
-Four more players received three-game suspensions from the league, one player from the Rage and three players from the Crush, for their roles in the brawl. These suspensions affect league-sanctioned games only (including the playoffs). The suspensions carry over to next season (2013) no matter which team they play for, if the teams they are on do not play three more league contests this season.
-The Lake Superior Rage were recommended by the board and voted by the NEFL to be placed in bad standing. According to the NEFL bylaws, this means they are subject to additional end-of-season review to maintain status within the league; they lose all voting rights in league matters for the duration of being in bad standing; and for any postseason games, their opponents can decide to have home field in games in which the Rage would be the higher playoff seed. Currently, the Rage are guaranteed to be in line to be the host of at least one playoff game this season, and their opponent will have the option of taking home field prior to that contest.

Both the league president (Nicole Isaac) and vice president (Rob Neumann) will be attending Friday Night's Crush-Predators game at Carson Park, the site of last Saturday's incident. They will be available to the press for further questions and will be there to ensure that the contest is played without incident. For immediate press inquiries, contact NEFL President Nicole Isaac at [gbgladiators@gmail.com] or 920-360-7297.

The Northern Elite Football League is the premier adult amateur football league in the Midwest, comprised of 12 teams in Minnesota and Wisconsin, currently playing its fifth season. Their teams have won a combined 18 league titles in the past decade.

For further press inquiries, including team contacts and any media published about this game, reply to this email. [jameskaska@clearchannel.com] or call 715-552-5109. For further statements on this incident, including a full explanation of the rules, teams and players involved, and how the league came to the conclusions they did, please use the contact information for league president Nicole Isaac above.


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PostSubject: Re: NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)   

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NEFL Statement on Rage-Crush game (July 7, 2012)
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