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 2012 NEFL All stars

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PostSubject: 2012 NEFL All stars    Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:28 pm

Below are the listing for the 1st team, 2nd team, and Honorable Mention ALL NEFL for 2012. Congrats to everyone that made the teams. Your coaches have plaques for each one of you so get ahold of them to get them.

1st Team
Michael Spriggs Pioneers
Keldric Stokes Rage

2nd Team
David White Rage
Matt Gajewski CW Spartans

Running Back
1st Team
Tamar Scott Gladiators
Isaac Odim Pioneers

2nd Team
Vince Furby Predators
Bobby Brown Crush

Honorable Mention
Chris Henagin Rage
Brad Rebarcheck Rough Riders
Deshay Hudson Predators
Andrell Hudson Rough Riders
Dylan Harties Storm

Wide Receiver
1st Team
D'Andre Sherrill Rage
Marcus Foster Pioneers
Andy Debruin Force
Joseph Mapson Predators

2nd Team
Reggie Houston Predators
Taqouri Lott Thunderhawks
Hollis Dukes Rage
Ryan Adammovich Storm

Honorable Mention
Arron Solie Crush
Josh Kasuboski Force
Corey Griffin CW Spartans
Phillip Ditto Rough Riders
Clarence Woods Giants
Phillip Thomas Giants
Jake Scharpen Giants

Tight End
1st Team
Aaron Woefel Rough Riders

1st Team
Andy McKinnon Rage
Ryan Zuehlke Gladiators

2nd Team
Ryan Kapingst Force
Nicholas Krebsbach Spartans

1st Team
Zach Thompson Pioneers
Charles Fields Rage

2nd Team
Shannon Larson Rage
Robby Wordell Gladiators

Honorable Mention
Spencer Young Gladiators
Nolan Schenn Crush
Matthew Pope Thunderhawks
Dan Herring Storm

Offensive Tackles
1st Team
CJ Sanderson Pioneers
Ken Torpen Rage
Chris Garner Predators

2nd Team
Caleb Bentz Force
Sean Tackett Gladiators
Juan Heridea Gladiators

Honorable Mention
Korey Jadzewski Rage
Shanon Herrick Crush
Shayne Perkins Thunderhawks
Tyler Kromholtz Spartans

Defensive Tackles
1st Team
Jeff McGaster Pioneers
Kevin Suber Riders

2nd Team
James Washington Riders
Dylan Wapoose Glads

Honorable Mention
John Oney Storm
Thomas Andrewjeski Storm

Defensive Ends
1st Team
Cliff Gordy Pioneers
Garrett Johnson Pioneers

2nd Team
Bryan Beachler Gladiators
Jason Lyons Predators

Honorable Mention
Dustin Tervelt Thunderhawks
TJ Juneau Crush
John Bushman Rough Riders
Brent Miller Storm
Alan Koeller Spartans

1st Team
Phil Breidall Pioneers
Bill Quistorff Pioneers
CJ Okogeri Predators

2nd Team
Chris LeCloux Gladiators
Jon Thomas Force
Jaque Ince Thunderhawks

Honorable Mention
Joe Poehls Crush
Chris Haynes Predators
Nate Kirkpatrick Crush
Jake Malzahn Storm
Vernon Catlin Giants

Defensive Backs
1st Team
Lionel Lamarre Pioneers
Everet Wilburn Pioneers
Nathan Ryf Force

2nd Team
Andre Wilson Gladiators
Andy Allison Crush
Craig Van Camp Force

Honorable Mention
Spencer Cowins Rage
Justin Hopwood Thunderhawks
Jamar Boone Giants
Steve Ngeth Rough Riders
Kenny McChristion Giants

1st Team
Montae Bailey Predators
Travis Fischer Force

2nd Team
Remy Gomez Rough Riders
John Davis Rage

Honorable Mention
Dustin Gresen Glads

Kicker/ Punter
1st Team
Weston Kirby Predators

2nd Team
Travis Rogers Force

Honorable Mention
Sean Golden Storm

Return Specialist
1st Team
Houston Szukalski Force

2nd Team
Ronmel Ferguson Spartans
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2012 NEFL All stars
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