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 NEFL Championship - Broadcast Information

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PostSubject: NEFL Championship - Broadcast Information   Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:46 am

I post more on Facebook/Twitter for the league stuff since it's a lot easier from my phone to do it that way--in case you're wondering why the forum stuff died out. If I'm in front of a computer, I'm usually at work. Or playing Minecraft.

Game broadcast today will be online at [www.sportsradio1400.com] or on the free iHeartRadio application for smartphones. I advise against listening to it at the game that way since there's a 20-second delay (give or take 10 seconds depending on your wireless provider). 5:45pm broadcast time.

If you're not in the media and not with a team (you can get the weekly releases from your team president or head coach), send me a message and I'll get you on the distribution list. It's a pain to host dozens of PDFs for the league online every week, I'd rather just email them.

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NEFL Championship - Broadcast Information
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